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Sunbed Hire In Northwich

Dec 11

Northwich Sunbed Hire is the most popular home-hire sunbed company in the area. We carefully select our sunbeds to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Our sunbeds have the power to produce beautiful, deep tans while being lightweight enough to fit comfortably into any home.

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You can get a tan using a home sunbed. This is because the UV exposure is controlled to prevent overexposure and burning.

Sunlight is vital to human existence. A sunbed at home allows you to expose your skin to ultraviolet (ultraviolet), light safely and comfortably. A home sunbed can provide many wellness benefits, including a tan.

We strongly encourage a responsible approach to tanning.

Fast Tan Sunbeds for Hire in the Northwich Area

Our Stand Up Sunbeds take up approximately 1 m2 of floor space. They are easy to use and plug in to your residential supply.

We offer a wide range of innovative Sunbeds, with new stock being added all the time. Enjoy the incredible tanning power offered by our Double Elite Sunbeds. Canopy Sunbeds. Vertical Sunbeds. All available for rental right from your home.

Our reputation for timely delivery and collection of home-hire sunbeds has been excellent. We have a wide range of tannin accelerators that can help you get a better tan and extend its life. Ask when you book your sunbed rental.

Our sunbeds offer the most recent in tanning technology and are compact as well as very discreet, so ideal for the home. They have been developed for complete body coverage whilst preserving close proximity tanning. Imagine turning any of your rooms into your own personal tanning shop.

Our home usage sunbeds are salon strength, utilizing brand new 0.3 Lights, all of the beds carry integrated fans and self adjustable timers. They take up extremely little space only one square metre and work directly off 2 x 13amp plugs, fitted with the most recent fast tanning tubes you are sure to get that ideal tan.

We currently offer the most significant home hire sunbed service in the area, and diligently select our sunbeds for their effectiveness as well as viability for the home. All our sunbeds are strong enough to produce a stunning, deep tan in the same period as a commercial sunbed, yet small enough to fit discreetly into nearly any house.