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A Guide To Using An External Gastroenterology Billing Service

May 23

Gastroenterology is the sector of the medical industry that looks into the digestive system and its dysfunctions. This division of medicine concentrates on the disorders and diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. This includes all the organs from the mouth to the anus. The specialists in this specialty are known as gastroenterologists. 

Gastroenterologists are usually very busy; therefore, running the gastroenterology practice successfully is a complex and daunting task. In addition to providing the best patient care, gastroenterologists must ensure that the practice is performing flawlessly when it comes to financing. 

The main factor contributing to the medical practice's financial success is its billing process. A good billing process can do your business, whereas if not handled properly, it can break your business. Most gastroenterologists opt for outsourcing medical billing services as they themselves have other important tasks to handle. 

As practices owners usually do not have proper visibility when it comes to the medical practice's billing and collections. The reason differs, but mostly because they do not have time due to their busy patient schedules. Some practice owners hire a trustable billing staff that is reliable and provides all the needed information. On the other hand, some practice owners opt for external gastroenterology medical billing services from a known medical coding company

The process of medical billing and coding is complex, and that is why it is hard to maintain its accuracy. If you opt for in-house medical billing, then ensure that all your staff has a high level of knowledge and precision to maintain the strong financial health of your practice. When you outsource these services, the medical billing company ensures that their medical billers and coder stay up to date and informed of all the changes. This is because, like other specialties, gastroenterology codes also keep on changing. The expert medical billers and coders of UControl Billing know when to add Initial Observation Care time component codes, appropriate modifiers, and prolonged service codes.

What Is The Need For Accurate Gastroenterology Billing? 

There are numerous reasons why gastroenterology billing and coding should be accurate. An ill-trained medical billing staff can cause huge revenue losses because of their inability to track underpayments. This is why all gastroenterology billers must be trained enough to follow up on claims to make appeals and help the practice get paid for the services they provide. The medical coders must know how to implement ICD-10 codes and stay in compliance with HIPPA. The guidelines of HIPPA  for gastroenterology billing must be followed for successful reimbursements. 

Why Outsource From A Medical Billing Company? 

In-house medical billing leads to underpayments and claims denials. It is because their staff has to work on different tasks, and that is why they might make medical billing and medical coding mistakes leading to a loss in revenue. In order to avoid such mistakes, gastroenterologists have to devote a significant amount of time (which they usually do not have) in order to ensure that all the documentation is error-free. 

Besides that, hiring competent medical coders and billers also requires time and money. After hiring, a lot of time is spent on their training as well. As gastroenterologists have time constraints, they face difficulty while balancing between patient care and medical billing. This is why many gastroenterology practices opt for outsourcing medical billing services in order to increase revenue and decrease claim denials. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

If you outsource from the best medical billing company, they will provide deep expertise in gastroenterology billing, which in-house medical billing staff usually lacks. In addition, an external gastroenterology billing service can improve your practice's operation and also provides greater peace of mind. Here are the benefits that you can get while working with a trusted gastroenterology medical billing company:

More Financial Visibility

Outsourcing medical billing services from an external billing vendor for gastroenterology billing will improve your understanding of the revenue cycle. They have experienced billers and coders who will make this possible! 

Regulatory Compliance

A good gastroenterology medical billing company has medical billers and coders who always remain updated with the rules and regulations. This implies that your practice's medical billing will keep us with constantly changing updates. 


Most gastroenterology medical billing companies have HIPAA-compliant and secure medical billing processes that ensure the safety of your practice as well as the patients' delicate information. 

Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing medical billing services reduces your internal overhead, and with the help of their billing and coding specialists, your practices will get fully reimbursed on time. 

Reduced Costs

When you outsource gastroenterology billing from an external medical billing company will save you time as well as money. This time and money can be utilized to improve other in-house operations to increase your claims' profitability.

Less Capital Expense

Outsourcing gastroenterology billing services will help you in saving a lot of money. Instead of investing in capital expenses, buying and owing, you can invest in operating expenses, i.e., paying for a service. This not only costs less but is also flexible and scalable. In addition, you can also control your costs.  

Why Outsource Gastroenterology Billing From Ucontrol Billing? 

Ucontrol Billing is a company that will bring accuracy, knowledge, and excellence to your gastroenterology billing and coding. They will ensure that your revenue cycle is not prone to any defects. They have a capable staff who provide different services that include the following; 

  1. Entering patient demographical information accurately 
  2. Verification of Insurance
  3.  Authorizations of Insurance
  4. Updated and correct coding 
  5. Error-free medical billing
  6. Accounts reconciliation 
  7. Management of denied and rejected claims

Working with such a medical billing company will add value to your practice as they have an analytics-driven and result-oriented approach to medical billing services. They have experts who ensure that your medical billing and coding process is free from frictions. They ensure that every claim is submitted on time and followed up. They also provide prior authorization in order to avoid claim denials. The main focus of their team is to shift the focus from denial management to denial prevention. 

Outsourcing medical billing services can helps gastroenterologists in many ways. Ucontrol's gastroenterology medical billing services offer so well that your gastroenterologists can focus on offering excellent care for their patients and improving their administrative excellence. They have team experts who have: 

  • Knowledge of most of the software involved in medical billing
  • Certification from The very known American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Training in recent and up to date software involved in coding 
  • The competency of applying standard and updated codes
  • Expertise in the coding of ICD-CM diagnosis following the guidelines provided by CMS 
  • Skills and expertise in processing medical claims with leading insurers

They claim that working with them in your practice can improve the revenue cycle by 20%. In addition, there will be lesser denials because all of their staff members are hired after a rigorous process that ensures that they are well qualified and trained! To know more about their services, visit their website now!