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Pinup Studio - Hair Salon Near Me

Sep 20

Pinup Studio is an upscale hair salon in your area which specializes in hairstyles that cater to the Pinup and Goth community. The stylist and owner are Haley Daigneau. Haley has been working in the industry for 3 years. After resigning from an internship, she decided to pursue a career in the field. Haley is skilled at the lightening of dark hair and creating traditional highlights. She also loves to give cutting styles that are textured. Haley is well-known for her attention to detail and infectious laugh. When she's not at work, Haley enjoys painting, taking hikes, and sipping coffee.

Haley Daigneau

It is the Pinup Studio is a judgment-free space that is open to all kinds of women. The staff at the studio is dedicated to improving their craft and learning new methods to meet the demands of their customers. Customers are able to make appointments online and choose from a variety of services. Once they've booked an appointment, customers can take advantage of an online payment method.

Haley Daigneau, a seasoned stylist and stylist, has been working in the business for 3 years. She made the move from San Diego to North Carolina in hopes of changing her career direction. She has experience in classic highlights and hair color and also lightening dark and textured hair. She is very proud of her care for detail and enjoys being with people. Her interests include hiking painting, and dancing.

Brittney Flandreau

Pinup Studio is a judgment-free space where women of all ages are welcomed. It's a full-service salon that provides a range of different options to get your ideal look. The salon's artists are committed to learning and improving their craft, and are constantly learning new techniques. You can schedule an appointment online, or inquire about a service via the phone.

Brittney Flandreau who is a stylist at Pinup Studio, has worked in the industry of beauty for a year. Her passion for creative hair began when she was fourteenand she chose to go into business once she was prepared. She enjoys creating gorgeous blondes and bright colors. She is eager to continue training in the industry and hopes to progress as stylist. Her other interests include home plants along with animals, and Italian food.


If you're seeking a unique and trendy style, Claudia can give you just the look you're after. Claudia is a highly experienced stylist with more than 20 years of experience. She is certified and fully licensed to perform a wide range of services. She's also very experienced with regards to all types of hair styles.

After training at a hair salon in Utah, Claudia has returned to New England to give clients the best hair they've ever seen. Claudia also has extensive experience on fashion tones and dimensional hand painting techniques. As a result, she can create a unique design for you each time. She makes the entire process enjoyable for you and your clients.


If you want a high-end salon experience that will leave you feeling like a superstar You might want to consider finding a Shaunie Pinup Studio hair salon in your neighborhood. These salons employ top-notch stylists who have been promoted to high-level positions and possess sophisticated skills. They have also attended the Pinup Studio's classes for education and have established a steady clientele.

Jennifer Crespo

Jen Crespo, the owner and co-founder of Pinup Studio, is passionate about hair styling. Jen is bilingual, and she has a charming, bubbly personality that puts customers at comfortable. Her goal is to create loyal clients and also to educate the next generation of stylists. Jennifer has been working in the field of beauty for eight years.

Stacy Lande

Iconic Pinups is a Los Angeles-based company that is specialized in making women pinup girls and capturing them as true pinups. They offer full services for hair and makeup as well as clothing styling and come to your office or your home. They also host pinup parties and provide props and other services for the occasion.

In addition to full hair and makeup services, this salon also offers vintage and rockabilly hairstyles. A number of stylists have been trained in vintage style of hair as well as makeup. For instance, Stacy Lande, hair stylist at Pinup Studio, has worked with Dita Von Teese. Stacy Lande also provides on-location makeup and hair services to the Iconic Pinups photo studio.

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